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"It is always a comfort to know that you are providing the cake for a function we cater.  The cake for the Tillett reception . . . . Was artfully designed, beautifully decorated, and delicious.  I must say it was 'the best' I have seen on the Outer Banks, and for that matter, anywhere else."

Clara Mae Shannon

Owens' Restaurant




  Hello Melinda!

Married life is going well! Thanks you. I never got a chance to tell you how amazing the cake looked. Dave and I were so impressed about how you took our vision and crafted such a dynamic and unique piece of art. It was asthetically pleasing to look at, Plus it tasted amazing. One of the aspects of the cake that I loved the most was that every piece was edible. It went so well with out theme and it was not over done. It was perfect!

Thank you!!!




 Hi Melinda!

hands down our wedding cake is the BEST CAKE I have ever tasted!  Almost a year later and Dan and I and our guests regularly reminisce about how amazing the cake was! Also, the size was more than perfect.  We stayed in the OBX for another 4 days with some other folks and I think we all ate cake multiple times a day and there were still tons of leftovers that unfortunately we had to leave ....
As a side note, I  kept a slice and it's in the freezer for our 1 yr. anniversary, but I was recently thinking about it, and would like to know if you ever ship cakes (a much smaller version of course).  Or even just the actual cake, not in a Bodhi format - honestly the best cake we have ever had (wedding or regular cake)!
Anyways I hope all is well and much thanks for our beautiful wedding cake - it was a hit!  And Dan was thrilled to 'have the dog there!!'  
In case this helps, we had ~165 guests attend.




In 2007, we were married on the Outer Banks and Melinda made us her famous "Sandcastle" wedding cake.  From the first taste during our first visit, we knew it was the only cake for our special day.  The night of our wedding, guests could not stop talking about how good that cake was to eat.  On a number of occasions, people told us they don't like cake but went back for seconds with this cake.  On our wedding day it was pouring rain and traffic was awful heading up toward the Currituck Club.  Despite those issues, Melinda still delivered her cake on time and in perfect condition.  I can't think of a single year that has gone by where some relative or friend has not brought up the cake when we see them.  In fact, we are vacationing this fall in the Outer Banks and are having Melinda make cakes for us again.  It's not for a special occasion, we are just that eager to taste that buttercream again!  I would time and time again recommend Melinda to anyone and everyone.  She is a brilliant pastry chef and artist!

Tim Boyum

News 14 Carolina Anchor and Host of Political Connections

Raleigh, N.C.



WE LOVED our CAKE!!! It was AMAZING!!!!! Thank you so so much for the beautiful wedding cake for our wedding! It was the talk of the night!!! Gorgeous and delicious!!! Perfectly styled to my perfection in cake design!!!! You are a true artist and so talented!!!! (Ali & Justin Jacaruso's Wedding May 26th 2012).
5-26-12., The Sanderling Resort and Spa

June 4, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAli Levine Jacaruso





Words can't express how "cool" the helicopter cake was.  Jason and Kyleigh were so thrilled with it.  It was a tough decision to choose a favorite flavor from all the cakes.  All of the guests raved about the stunning design of the wedding cake.  Thank you so much for making the wedding such a memorable time.

Susi Cullen






This was the best wedding cake we've ever tasted and it looked absolutely beautiful, too! Melinda was wonderful to work with and the cake came out even better than we ever dreamed. We got eclair and key lime and both flavors were outstanding. A friend also ordered a small birthday cake for another friend in chocolate peanut butter which may have been the very best cake of all! It was wonderful.

Amanda Steiner--5/30/11





Thank you so very much for such a wonderful wedding cake!  You now have fans on the West coast as well!  People are still talking about your fabulous creation!!

Thanks again,

Laura & Tim, San Francisco, CA.



Dear Melinda,

...Thank you so much for taking such pride in your craft.  You really have a special talent and it should not and did not go unnoticed.  We can not wait to see the pictures of the cake, and hope that they do it justice!  If you ever find yourself in the need of a recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Warm reguards, Catherine, kew Gardens, N.Y.







The Sandcastle wedding cake was an absolute hit at my daughter's wedding.  You did an exquisite job on it and we had so many people photograph it.  It was a work of art and we were thrilled!  Plus, it was so tasty!  How anything that beautiful could taste so good was a surprise to many.  The shell chocolates were beautiful....

Many thanks for all your creativity - you are a pleasure to work with!



Hi Melinda,

I wanted to thank you for creating such a delectable wedding cake for us on our special day.  The cake not only looked magical and beautiful - but each layer had its own unique and memorable taste.  All of our buest RAVED about the cake.  Even the guests who don't typically eat desserts devoured two pieces of cake!

Words cannot describe our guest's reactions to each layer.  The chocolate macadamia nut was mouthwatering.  The traditional white wedding cake layer was phenomenal.  The caramel and cream was outstanding.  The Eclair layer was a great recommendation - it was delightful.

I am a cake lover and your cake was by far the BEST cake i have ever had in my life!  We ate leftover cake for four days after the wedding and were very sad when it was all gone!

We appreciated your dedication to making such a wonderful work of art.

Thank you,



My husband and I are back in the OBX for our one year anniversary. I guess
since its after midnight, my anniversary is officially over, but I just
wanted to send you a little message about the cake. Our cake had a
torturous ride home after the wedding in Hatteras. We ended up stranded in
VA with car trouble and the poor cake was in the cooler BURIED in the Uhaul
trailer we had rented and there was just nothing we could do to get it out,
short of unpacking the entire trailer. So, when we finally made it back to
WV, the cake was of course thawed, and the card board box was obliterated
from all the melted ice. So, I re-wrapped it in cling wrap, added a layer
of foil and threw in the freezer hoping for the best. Well, we left at 6
am the morning of our anniversary (29th) and once again, the poor cake was
put in yet another cooler. Again, the trip took longer than it shouldve -
only 3 extra hours this time though and we finally got checked into our
hotel here in KDH and got the kids to sleep and decided it was time for our
anniversary cake and bubbly. I'd be lying if I said we weren't a little
hesitant about eating a cake that had been frozen, submerged, thawed,
frozen again and then thawed again. But, I was shocked that it was still
so good! I'm not kidding! That filling is still the best I've ever had!!
So, anyhow, just thought I'd share. Hope you are doing well!!!

Jaclyn Hartley-6/29/12